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Tricast Create a Rating

  • Four methods are available for creating ratings based on pure premiums or insured values,
  • User-friendly interfaces that require no programming skills make it quick and easy to get started.

Three methods

Tricast Create a Rating includes four models. But twhat they have in common is that they are built with an intuitive interface allowing a fast learning. Training new statistician or actuarial staff is a matter of days.

Of course, there is a frequency and cost GLM model, with various tools that help you choose the best models (Aikake test, LS Means tests for analysing the best grouping of variables' values…).

There is also the Tweedie model, which uses a similar approach to GLMs but models the claims cost directly, rather than splitting out frequency and cost.

Two other models are available which are more appropriate for small portfolios; one using pure premiums and one using insured values.