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Tricast Customer Segmentation

Interactions : a portfolio's segments

  • Who are the new customers? Which profiles are lapsing?
  • What is their respective profitability?
  • What are the profiles of new customers joining a portfolio at different periods of time?
  • Which profiles are having claims?
  • Which profiles are buying extended coverages, for example from TPL to comprehensive (up-selling)?
  • Which profiles buy additional products (cross-selling)?

Statistical techniques: Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Clustering

Profiles and Decision trees

By using the CART technique (Classification And Regression Trees), it is possible to build short questionnaires in order to segment your portfolio. It's a very useful tool to optimise questionnaires for call centres, Web sites…

Customer scores

To improve customers' fidelity, to increase cross-selling… and, at the same time, to get from the portfolio the list of policies more likely to buy an additional contract or an extended coverage and to assist sales persons offering the customer at the front office the most appropriate product...

Technique : Logistic regression

The main features are:

  • To have a comprehensive view of the profiles in a portfolio and compare them with the profiles of newcomers and lapses,
  • To know the most discriminative criteria of a characteristic such as "having claims", "buy a comprehensive cover", "buying an extended coverage"...
  • To get from a portfolio the list of policies that are more likely to buy an extended coverage...