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Tricast Base

A real data hub.
Tricast Base gives access to a lot of functions to update your data.

  • Calculate key insurance indicators used in all Tricast modules (earned premiums, exposure, frequencies, pure premiums, claims costs…),
  • Create and handle variables, group values in classes having the same risk characteristics, create coverage groups,...

This base, which is common to all modules, distinguishes Tricast from other reporting, pricing or reserving solutions.

Key points :

  • A periodic batch (for example monthly) allowing to update all data and analyses at a low cost,

  • Insurance calculations. For example, a frequency needs the exposure, a loss ratio needs the claim amount, which needs the IBNR,..

  • Automatic classification tools for grouping the variables' values (postcodes, vehicle make and model...) :
- Create tailor-made indicators specific to each user by using the original data,
- Find the best level at which to cap the claims,
- A set of descriptive statistics specific to the insurance industry.