Our offer

Tricast provides insurance companies with a set of business intelligence and actuarial tools which allows them to perform analyses and run simulations, in order to increase competitiveness and underwriting profit.

Double expertise

Tricast leverages its investments on a double competency:
  • A scientific and technical expertise, in our research center,
  • A set of Business Intelligence tools, sold as the
    « Tricast Suite ».

Tricast's mission

Industrialise Management Tools

Provide the same data to all people, with a low workload

Professionals should not lose time updating information.

Provide powerful mathematical techniques (not only for actuaries) via a user-friendly interface

The short time it takes to train new users reduces the problems linked to staff turnover.

Provide actuarial tools to experienced actuaries

  • Requires just a short training, making it easier to transfer or replace people,
  • With automatic updates.

Provide realistic tools adapted to the country or the company

Tricast offers additional, more appropriate alternative techniques whenever :
  • Companies do not have people qualified to use Tricast’s GLM-based methods,
  • The portfolios are not large enough to build GLM models,
  • Marketing or planning teams are not familiar with advanced statistics.

Appropriate additional tools

Tricast provides the appropriate additional tools :

Simulation tools

For example to see the impact of a new pricing, making technical staff less reliant on the IT department

Analyse all angles

  • By channel, branch or agent, line of business, product,
  • Cover, policy, client, group contract or fleet, groups of groups,
  • Gross or net of reinsurance, gross or net of commissions ....