Our offer

Tricast provides insurance companies with a set of business intelligence and actuarial tools which allows them to perform analyses and run simulations, in order to increase competitiveness and underwriting profit.

Double expertise

Tricast leverages its investments on a double competency:
  • A scientific and technical expertise, in our research center,
  • A set of Business Intelligence tools, sold as the
    « Tricast Suite ».

Tools to help increase Underwriting Profit

The Tricast systems are tools that provide the means to address all aspects impacting technical margins :
  • Monitoring, profit centre follow-up, business simulations and stress scenarios,
  • Reports and Key Performance Indicators generation
  • Customer segmentation, cross-selling, up-selling and lapse rate reduction
  • Actuarial tools for pricing and reserving,
  • Simulation tools to analyse the consequences of decisions.