Our offer

Tricast provides insurance companies with a set of business intelligence and actuarial tools which allows them to perform analyses and run simulations, in order to increase competitiveness and underwriting profit.

Double expertise

Tricast leverages its investments on a double competency:
  • A scientific and technical expertise, in our research center,
  • A set of Business Intelligence tools, sold as the
    « Tricast Suite ».

Our mission

We provide insurance-specific « Business Intelligence » solutions that are technically innovative, scientifically sophisticated and easy to use. They enable our customers to make better strategic, operational and technical decisions.

Accompanying the best insurers in many countries

Tricast's teams work with many companies all over the world. Many of them implement innovations in various fields that contribute to profitable growth.

Our exchanges on developments and their impacts in the world of insurance contribute greatly to our reflections about desirable enhancements to the «Tricast Suite».

Our relationships with major management consultant firms and our active participation in numerous seminars also feed our reflections.

The « Tricast Suite »

We believe that increasing underwriting profit, in the context of a price war, must take into consideration a large number of factors (marketing positioning, acceptance rules, detecting fraud, the pricng structure, reserving…).

Most often, decision making is subject to tough constraints, related to the market conditions, the distribution channels or strategic views.

That's why the « Tricast Suite » is not a simple set of actuarial tools for pricing or improving reserving, but also gives information about strategic, marketing or technical decisions.

Our systems allow the user to quickly simulate strategic or operational decisions and forecast their marketing, financial and technical impact.

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